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Keep up with the latest from Kristian Damholt's metal studio.  I will be writing about current projects in sculpture, jewelry, furniture, and custom work, as well as discussing my own artistic journey.

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Furniture Collaboration

Kristian Damholt

A few months ago I received these drawings from my friends at Applied Haptics.  They were designing the interior of a new Evanston cycle shop, and needed a centerpiece for the store.  A multipurpose table, it needed to be simple and elegant, but sturdy enough to be an occasional work surface.  After some consultation regarding materials and finishes we settled on a final design, and I went ahead with the work on the frame.

Drawings for steel and wood table.jpg

I built the base with welded steel tubing, and recommended powdercoating for a durable finish.  That done, I left it with Lukasz at Applied Haptics for the rest of the job.  A woodworker himself, he wanted to build the tabletop and add the lower shelf.  Just last week I had the chance to stop by Everyday Cycles & Motion to see the finished table in its final location.

It was my first chance to see the completed table, and I thought it looked great.  Truly a custom piece, it was made to complement the rest of the store, and to me it felt right at home.