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Keep up with the latest from Kristian Damholt's metal studio.  I will be writing about current projects in sculpture, jewelry, furniture, and custom work, as well as discussing my own artistic journey.

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Silver and Tanzanite Necklace

Kristian Damholt

I now spend most of my time working with steel, but it was a class in jewelry and metalsmithing that first sparked my interest in craft.   When a friend asked me to design a necklace recently, I was excited to get back to my metalworking roots.

I started with a simple tanzanite cabochon, and sketched out designs until I found one that I liked.  I then started hammering out curves in thin silver wire, knowing the design only truly comes together when I start shaping metal.

I crafted a custom bezel to hold the tanzanite, carefully testing and adjusting the fit along the way.  With the bezel complete, I soldered the rest of the pendant, and moved on to the final steps of polishing the silver and setting the stone.

As the necklace finally came together, I loved the way the deep blue tanzanite contrasted with the bright silver, and the way the uneven, organic structure of the pendant held the perfect, smooth stone.  There is nothing quite like seeing an idea made real, and I was particularly happy with the way this design turned out.